No Nigeria among countries where women are most sexually satisfied

    Women experience a big difference in sexual satisfaction, depending on where they live in the world.

    Extramarital dating site Victoria Milan surveyed women from 20 countries to try and discover an average amount of time their partner’s spend focused on their pleasure.
    The survey involved 6,117 women and found that the top ranking for female pleasure is Denmark, where women are reportedly the most sexually satisfied and enjoy an average of 44 minutes of time dedicated to their pleasure per session.

    In the US, women enjoy 41 minutes on average and score in second place on the table, followed by Finnish women, who are are treated to 39 minutes.
    Also in the top five is Canada, where women receive 37 minutes in heaven.
    At the other end of the scale, South African women reportedly only get 15 minutes of attention from their partner on average. While Belgian women experience just 21, and women from Spain, The Netherlands, Italy and France are all treated to 23 minutes.

    British women are comfortably in the middle, with 33 minutes dedicated to them per session – followed by Irish women at 31 minutes.
    CEO of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, said, “It takes a real man to recognise and satisfy the sexual appetite of a woman.
    “A common mistake is thinking that men aren’t sexually satisfied and will stray – it actually works both ways.
    “Keeping a confident, beautiful and independent woman exclusively in your bed is no easy task, and hero husbands will put as much time as it takes into keeping the lust levels licked.”