July 14, 2024

Auditor General Visits Radio Kogi Ochaja, Releases Funds for Security Enhancement


In response to the recent theft of the generator belonging to Radio Kogi Ochaja, the Auditor General of Kogi State, Alhaji Yahaya Okala, made a visit to the station, indicating the state government’s commitment to supporting the station. During his visit, Alhaji Okala announced the release of funds specifically earmarked for the clearing of bushes around the station premises to improve visibility and enhance security measures.

The visit follows a pledge by the state government to intervene after the generator theft, which had disrupted operations at the radio station. The swift action by the Auditor General is seen as a preliminary step towards a broader state government intervention.

Alhaji Okala emphasized the importance of the radio station to the local community, stating that the station is a vital communication tool for the people of Kogi State. “Ensuring its security and uninterrupted operation is a priority for us. Clearing the surrounding bushes will increase visibility and deter potential criminal activities, thereby protecting the station’s infrastructure,” he stated.

Reacting to this gesture, the Caretaker Transition Committee Chairman of Dekina Local Government, Hon. John Urah Ikani, expressed his gratitude for the prompt action. He said they are very appreciative of Alhaji Okala’s visit and the immediate release of funds for clearing the station’s surroundings. He noted that the proactive measure is a significant step towards securing the radio station and restoring confidence among the staff and the community.

The bush clearing initiative is expected to begin immediately, with the aim of providing a safer environment for the radio station. Further interventions by the state government are anticipated to follow, addressing other needs to ensure the station’s full operational capacity is restored.

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