July 14, 2024

Hon. Ozigi matching words with action: Amb. Mahmud commends lawmaker


Amb. Mahmud, the convener of the Vote For Us campaign and member of Kogi state All Progressive Congress (APC), has commended Hon. Ozigi Tijani Muhammed, member representing Okene/Ogori-Magongo Constituency for his continuous efforts towards staying in touch with his constituents.

Mahmud highlighted one of the lawmaker’s recent endeavors: the recent distribution of hundreds of bags rice as Ramadan food Palliatives for the people of Okene/Ogori Magongo constituency.
He described this initiative as timely, especially given the current challenging economic circumstances in the country. Additionally, He acknowledged Hon. Ozigi’s accomplishments in human capital development within his short stay in office including education scholarships and employment facilitation.

In his statement, Amb. Mahmud emphasized Hon. Ozigi’s emergence as a symbol of progress in the realm of human capital development, noting his ability to translate promises into tangible actions. He lauded the lawmaker’s unwavering dedication to nurturing and empowering individuals within his constituency and beyond. He expressed pride in seeing a member of their great party, Hon. Ozigi, achieve success in office, particularly emphasizing its significance for the youth demographic. He stressed that Hon. Ozigi’s accomplishments in office will validate the “not too young to run” advocacy and urged him to continue serving as the voice of the people while maximizing the opportunities afforded by his position.

“I am glad that a member of our great party like Hon. Ozigi have continued to make us proud. His success in office means a lot to the youth demography, it will further reinforce the long term advocacy of “not too young to run” his success will prove to our people that indeed a young man can lead and lead us right. I urge him to continue to serve as the voice of our people by maximizing the opportunities that comes with his office.” Mahmud said.

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