July 14, 2024

Kogi East Women Rally for Gov Ododo, Hails Him for Promoting Women Inclusiveness


Hundreds of women from the Kogi East senatorial district of the state marched through the streets of Lokoja today under the banner of “Kogi East United Women” to express their unwavering support for the Governor of Kogi State, Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo.

The rally, which began at the popular Ganaja Junction and culminated at the office of Secretary to the State Government, was a vibrant affair, with women from various communities in Kogi East carrying placards and banners praising the governor’s achievements. Chants of “Good Governance” and “Women Inclusion” filled the air, reflecting the core reasons behind their support.

Speaking at the rally, Ms. Akubo Unekwu Victoria highlighted Governor Ododo’s commitment to inclusive governance as a major factor for their endorsement.

She said Governor Ododo has shown that he values the contributions of women in the development of Kogi State, stressing that his administration has not only appointed women to key positions but has also ensured that the voices of women are heard in policy-making processes.

Ms. Victoria also praised the governor’s strides in improving the state’s infrastructure, education, and healthcare systems. “Under his leadership, we have seen significant improvements in our roads, schools, hospitals and salary payment. These developments have greatly improved the quality of life for the people of Kogi East and the entire state,” she added.

Another speaker, Hon comfort Onoja, emphasized the governor’s efforts in ensuring unity in the state. She said the governor is a promoter of a united Kogi State who doesn’t descriminate based on religion or ethnic differences.

She added that the Ododo administration has appointed several women into key positions with Dekina local government area having two commissioners. “This has shown that he holds Kogi East women in high esteem and we will continue to give him the needed support to succeed,” she added.

The march was also a platform for the women to voice their hopes for continued progress and inclusivity. Many participants expressed their desire for sustained development and greater participation of women in governance. “We are here today to show our support and also to remind the governor that we look forward to even more inclusive policies that will benefit all residents of Kogi State,” said Hon. Joy Oguche.

The women called on those promoting sectional agenda to desist from it and join hands with the government for a better Kogi State.

Receiving the women in her office, the Secretary to the Government of Kogi State, Dr. Mrs. Folashade Arike Ayoade, thanked the women for their support and assured them that the administration remains committed to its goals of good governance and inclusion. “Governor Ododo is deeply appreciative of this show of support and remains dedicated to building a state where everyone, regardless of gender or ethnicity, has a voice and an opportunity to thrive,” she said.

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