July 13, 2024

Kogi Governor Signs State Anti Corruption Agency Bill, 6 Others Into Law


…affirms commitment to people oriented laws, warns public officers against corrupt practices.

The Kogi state governor, Ahmed Usman Ododo has on Thursday signed into law 7 bills, prominent amongst which is the establishment of Kogi state Anticorruption agency, the establishment of the Kogi State Electricity Marketing and Electricity Regulatory Commission and a Law to repeal and Re-enact the Kogi State Scholarship Board Edict, 1998 and other matters connected therewith, 2024.

Other bills signed into law included the repeal and re-enactment the Kogi State Local Government Service Commission Law 2014 and for other matters connected therewith, 2024, Kogi State Commodity Exchange, Export Promotion and Market Development Agency Bill, 2024, Kogi State Information Technology Development Agency Bill, 2024 and Repel and Re enactment of the Kogi state Mineral Resources Development Agency law.

Governor Ahmed Ododo expressed his administration’s commitment to signing laws that are people oriented which are poised on improving the economic trajectory of the state and attracting massive investments that would lead to all round developments.

He added that the Anticorruption agency law underscores his government’s commitment to fighting corruption and ensure transparency and accountability in his government. He added that the law would ensure the fulfilment of his mandate’s promise to lead with the fear of the Almighty and resolve that the resources of Kogi is used to develop the state adding that the law would stop any corrupt practices even before occurring.

While he admonished members of his government to acquaint themselves with the details of the newly signed laws as it concern their respective offices in a bid avoid any act that might jeopardize his administration’s transparency policy, he expressed that no individual was above the law and anyone caught Would be decisively dealt with.

The governor appreciated President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for his bold reforms in the power sector which has created an opportunity for a state like Kogi to generate, transmit and distribute electricity. He noted that the law signed in this regard is very critical to the development of the state, as it would boast economic activities and enable the state to contribute to the nation’s GDP. He added that Kogi state has in abundance all the necessary resources that would serve as an advantage for it to run an effective electricity Marketing and distribution agency.

Governor Ododo affirmed that God has blessed Kogi state with numerous mineral resources and what was required is a robust dialogue devoid of all forms of sentiments but would lead to how these resources could be used to better the lot of the state and it’s people Maximally. He mentioned that the law signed in this regard would help to fast track the use of Kogi’s resources for the development of the people.

While thanking the President for his positive policies that have contributed to creating an enabling environment for all of them to lead effectively in their states, he assured that Kogi would use it geographical advantage to get the best for it’s citizen.

Governor Ododo thanked the speaker and the state Assembly for doing a good work which have shown their commitment to the development of the state, while he also appreciated every stakeholder and technocrats involved in the process for their services to the state and the people.

The Speaker earlier in his address noted that for past two months, the bills have gone through thorough procedures, scrutiny and because of the seriousness and the effect of the laws on the people, some of the bills required the engagement of experts and technocrats so as to ensure they could stand the test of time.

The speaker affirmed that the seven bills are so important to the people of Kogi state, adding that the establishment of the anti corruption agency would help ensure investigation of corruption allegations, engage in proper house cleaning and bring to book those found wanting of corruption charges. He added that such disposition would help to ensure that Kogi remain very attractive to investors.

He added that other laws like the establishment of Kogi State Electricity Marketing and the Electricity Regulatory Commission would further open up Kogi state to more investors to come in and also create a fertile land for business to thrive.

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