June 21, 2024

Kogi people have rejected your party – APC mocks PDP, Atiku


….describe PDP presidential rally as a show of shame and lies

The Kogi State Director of Media and Publicity of the APC Campaign Council, Mr. Kingsley Fanwo has opined that the People’s Democratic Party did not need anyone to tell them that Kogi people have rejected them asserting that despite their desperate strategy of bringing supporters from outside the state to beef up appearances, the modest crowd was eloquent enough.

The DG Media alluded that crafty camera angles could not hide yawning gaps in the stands and it was painfully obvious that the former ruling party had been fittingly reduced to a shadow of itself in Kogi State over the last 7 years

Fanwo said “What they said would be an overflow rally that would bring our city to a standstill for the day barely registered on the radar of hardworking Kogites. The innocents who did turn out for them in vain hope of hearing anything which might persuade them to reevaluate their poor opinion of the PDP left reinforced in their disdain for people whose stint in government brought their state, nay, country, to their knees. Even their diehard members who came in expectations of the usual largesse associated with the party in her heyday became dispirited when the lies started. The rest of our people went about their normal businesses, utterly disinterested in the hollow antics of a party that once wasted 13 precious years for them”.

He noted that dismayed by the poor turnout, the PDP resorted to theatrics as they rolled out expired individuals who had been expunged from the ranks of the APC for their unsavory deeds and characters, and proceeded to canonise them. He added that the rally turned into a farce when people like the former Deputy Governor of the State, Elder Simeon Achuba and the former speaker of the state assembly, Rt Hon. Alfa Imam were repackaged for Atiku as Kogi APC stalwarts who were decamping to the PDP at the rally

Mr. fanwo asserted that Atiku and his entourage might be ignorant that the same Achuba was impeached from office with ignominy by the state assembly for gross misconduct during the first term of the administration. He rejoined his former bedmates in the PDP ahead of the 2019 general elections and failed to deliver even his own Ward in that year’s presidential, legislative and gubernatorial elections while Rt. Hon. Alfa Imam is another has-been whose poor leadership pitched him in a running battle with his colleagues when he was Speaker of the State House of Assembly.

He noted “While the lies that Alh. Ibrahim Idris built everything that looks like modern infrastructure in Kogi as insinuated at the rally is, of course, a figment of the speakers’ fevered imaginations, it is a national embarrassment to the PDP that they failed Kogi people so woefully despite having so long to make a difference”. He stressed that It was on record that Alh. Ibrahim Idris left his own Abejukolo community in darkness in his nine years in office and It took the present administration to restore power to his benighted community. He also left Abejukolo roads in pitiable states and the APC through this administration and the likes of Hon. Abdullahi Ibrahim (Halims) of the APC is bringing respite, mr. fanwo mentioned.

The PCC DG Media said the pledge of Atiku to revive the Ajaokuta Steel Company could only be classified as a morbid joke which he must have made to insult the sensibilities of Kogi State and her people noting that they were familiar with how the Privatisation Council under his supervision sold national assets to his friends and cronies. He said that some of the scandals around such were still in courts around the world till date while reiterating that President Muhammadu Buhari has taken a bold step on the gigantic project and there was a great trust the All Progressive Flag Bearer Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu would see the process through, when elected.

Despite the illusionary boast of the PDP Presidential candidate of winning at the polls in February the commissioner assured that he would be resoundingly defeated by the Presidential Candidate of the All Progressives Congress.

Mr. Fanwo expressed confidence that Kogi State would deliver massively for the All Progressives Congress and maintain the legacy of the party in the state under the leadership of Governor Yahaya Bello while he urged it members to remain peaceful, law abiding but continue to work hard to ensure that record was set with votes for APC in the February and March polls.

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