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Major General A. E Abubakar Urges Troops to Enhance Proficiency in Weapon Use, Ensure National Security

In response to the escalating multifaceted security challenges facing the nation, Major General A. E Abubakar, the General Officer Commanding (GOC) of 3 Division and Commander of Operation SAFE HAVEN (OPSH), has issued a strong directive to the troops under the 3 Division of the Nigerian Army. Speaking on August 25, 2023, during the culmination of the Bi-annual Range classification exercise, Major General Abubakar emphasized the critical importance of mastering the use of weapons to safeguard the state and foster camaraderie among fellow soldiers.

The Bi-annual Range classification exercise, an organized effort aimed at elevating the troops’ weapon-handling proficiency, brought together both officers and soldiers to hone their skills. Major General Abubakar, while addressing the troops, underscored the significance of continuous training and practice in equipping them with the necessary professional skills to effectively counter the prevailing security challenges.

“The country’s security landscape demands our unwavering commitment to constant training and skill enhancement,” stated Major General Abubakar. He further pledged to explore every available opportunity to facilitate continuous improvement in the troops’ weapon mastery, affirming, “Proficiency can only be achieved through consistent training.”

As the nation grapples with complex security issues, Major General Abubakar’s call to arms resonates as a strategic step toward bolstering the nation’s defense capabilities. The GOC’s fervent commitment to ensuring the safety and security of both citizens and fellow soldiers serves as a rallying point for troops within the 3 Division. With Major General Abubakar’s guidance, the nation’s armed forces are poised to navigate these challenges with heightened expertise and vigilance.