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Remarkable Journey of Kogi Born Ahmed Safiyah Beauty In Agribusiness, Rural Development And Social Impact

Hailing from the culturally rich Ebira-speaking region of Kogi State, Ahmed Safiyah Beauty stands at the intersection of passion, expertise, and profound impact within the realm of agribusiness and development. With over seven years of experience, she has become a leading figure, shaping innovative agricultural practices and contributing significantly to social impact projects across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Her journey unfolds against the backdrop of a diverse educational landscape. Currently pursuing an Executive Master’s in Agribusiness Management at the Rome Business School, Italy-Nigerian Campus, Safiyah is poised to deepen her understanding of the intricate dynamics of the agricultural sector. Simultaneously, she embarks on an MBA journey at the University of East London, a testament to her commitment to continuous learning.

Safiyah’s academic pursuits extend beyond formal degrees. Her certifications in business development, agribusiness leadership, and agricultural extension underscore a commitment to a holistic skill set. These educational endeavors lay the foundation for her multifaceted roles in the professional arena.

As the Managing Director of Sophie Farms & Investment Services Ltd, Safiyah orchestrates a symphony of agro-consultancy, agricultural extension services, and agribusiness ventures. Her leadership is marked by a keen focus on economic analysis, farm management, agro- commodity sales and marketing, and the upscaling of existing agricultural endeavors.

Professional versatility defines Safiyah’s trajectory. In roles such as Program Manager at Hemem Synergy Limited, Consultant at Farm Monitor Africa, and Project Support Associate at AFEX, she showcases her prowess in project management, research, and program development. These roles exemplify her ability to seamlessly transition between various aspects of the agricultural and development sectors.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Safiyah emerges as a dedicated advocate for peace and community well-being. Recognized as a Peace Ambassador and actively participating in initiatives fostering peace, her commitment to positive change transcends the boundaries of her professional roles. Her involvement in networks such as YALI and the Nigerian Young Farmers Network speaks volumes about her dedication to youth development.

Awards and certifications adorn Safiyah’s journey, reflecting her commitment to excellence. From being a TEDx Speaker at TEDx MINDSET – Adankolo in 2022, to receiving nominations for the Innovative Model for Women in Agribusiness Awards in 2021 and 2022, she continues to be recognized for her contributions.

Participation in conferences, summits, and fellowships both locally and internationally is integral to Safiyah’s continuous learning ethos. Notable events include the African Young Leaders Fellowship Programme in Accra, Ghana, and the 2nd Agricultural Summit Africa by Sterling Bank in 2019, among others.

Her consulting role at Farm Monitor Africa reveals her expertise in reviewing farm management and extension advisory systems. At Hemem Synergy Limited, her position as a Program Manager involves the implementation of overall programs, administration, and supervision, emphasizing her role in driving impactful initiatives.

Safiyah’s stint as a Consultant-Project Support Associate at AFEX showcases her research acumen, contributing to product/program development, and advocating for sustainable and inclusive agriculture. The Mentor Box Foundation engagement highlights her commitment to driving access to financial inclusion for micro entrepreneurs, revealing a dedication to societal empowerment.

As the Managing Director of Sophie Farms & Investment Services Ltd, Safiyah undertakes the critical responsibility of overseeing agribusiness ventures, farm survey, capacity building, and agro-skills training. Her leadership role extends to product development, evidenced by the introduction of Sophie products such as Sophie’s Formula and Sophie dehydrated tomato powder.

In previous roles, including Sales Executive at TGI Distri Ltd and Agro- consultant/Farm Manager at Ojumo Farms and Allied, Safiyah demonstrated her versatility in recruiting and managing distributors, overseeing sales, and managing large-scale agricultural operations.

Her commitment to community development and peace advocacy is further recognized through awards such as the Award of Excellence in Peace Advocacy by Kogi Youth Enlightenment Initiative in 2021 and the Award of Leadership in Peace building by REMODAFRIKA in 2019.

Ahmed Safiyah’s story, deeply rooted in her Ebira heritage, unfolds as a testament to resilience, passion, and an unwavering commitment to transformative agriculture and community well-being, not only in Kogi State but echoing far beyond its borders.

Safiyah is continuously looking for an opportunity to deploy her expertise to confront any problem along the value chain of any agricultural venture.