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Why Hon. Idris Ozi is best choice for House of Representative

As we approach the 2023 general elections, the people of Okehi/Adavi Federal Constituency heaved a sigh of relief with the entrance of Hon. Idris Ozi Shaibu to represent them in the House of Representatives.

Hon. Idris Ozi Shaib, a certified financial expert and chartered accountant with great political exposure and experience to negotiates a better deal that will drive home infrastructural and human capital development for the good people of Okehi/Adavi Federal Constituency at the National Assembly.

Basically, the Okehi/Adavi Federal Constituency needs bold, upright, and man of great character with capacity and competence to be part of policy and law making bodies that will always stand on the floor of the house to protect our interest, and i see Idris Ozi as one of such quality.

Often times, we see people complain about the process at the National level, and some of our representatives can not stand on the floor of the house and speak to the pressing issues bothering our people. Hon. Idris will bring his wealth of rich political intellectuals and experiences into the legislative process, which is no doubt.

As we all know his an outspoken, intelligent and vibrant man ready to contributes meaningfully and positively to the lives of our people that will ushered in development and progress of our constituency in Okehi/Adavi.

His commitment to his people is legendary as he has been contributing to their development long before he ventured into politics in year 2003. However, being in a governance position will enable him to accelerate the development of the area and the people.

The people have always seek for him to represent them because as a silent achiever, his politics and leadership qualities has constantly and continually made him worth following.

He is a very charismatic leader and a bridge builder across tribes, religions, political parties, and even generations. As a man that can be trusted, many see him as the man to beat in the house of representative race in Okehi/Adavi federal constituency, in 2023 general election.

Abdulrahim Omeiza Habib
Writes from the confluence city of
lokoja, kogi state.

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