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2023: No to Old Bones, It’s Youth O’clock, GYB in Focus

By: Eki Fester

Often times there are popular saying that the youth are the leaders of tomorrow but the question I kept asking myself and many others is when will this tomorrow come? This is the question that no body has been able to answer till date.

Nigeria as a nation that’s estimated to be about 180 to 200 million people has been under the leadership of the older generation mostly except on few cases where some youths are privileged to lead in one capacity or the other.

In Nigeria, we can categorically state that the youth is estimated to be about 2/3 of the whole populations, yet they have been the ones doing the errands, working, strategizing, implementing both administratively, Economically and politically due to their agility, energetic and workaholic nature while the old bones or old folks do the talking alone and yet they receive the accolades.

It has been said quite often that the future of any nation belongs to the youths and any nation that fails to plan and empower her youths, neglects the bedrock on which her future is built.

It is common knowledge in Nigeria today that within the traditional, political and social arena, the voice of the young people is rarely heard and taken into meaningful consideration, but we have gotten to the stage where young people should not only be seen but must be heard, the young should be viewed and taken as partners and solution provider rather than problems that needs to be treated.

The mandate of leadership is not favour bestowed upon individuals but a responsibility which must be accounted for. Therefore we have to burn candles on the way forward for Nigeria as our dear country to be repositioned back to its rightful place and for her to regain her lost glory which the old folks have dragged down to the mud.

In repositioning the lost glory of our dear country Nigeria, one young man who has distinguished himself as friend of the elderly, a youth Ambassador, very agile, energetic, egalitarian in nature, a workaholic, skillful, competent, capable, a detribalised personality, vocal, Pragmatic and has the charisma to drive or take Nigeria to success and place the country among the comity of Nations or State is His Excellency Alh. Yahaya Adoza Bello Executive Governor, Kogi State.

This is a man with a very high Administrative Acumen, sagacious, experienced and had remained a focal point to Nigeria’s unity.

This is a man whose agility can meet up with challenges anytime anywhere, that’s why majority are asking the older bones to relax and pray, and to anoint and support GYB come 2023 to lead this country to be a better and greater Nation.

Without mincing words, GYB having shown capacity will not fall nor stumble by any circumstance just like the way our elderly people are falling up and down even on stairs cases because he’s strong, and young. In terms of governance, he has proven that he is what the contemporary nigeria needs.

GYB has a first hand knowledge of every state, situations, emotions or sensations and the content of direct observation or participation in an event in every nook and crannies of this country.

GYB is a good listener, a skillful organizer of men, selfless individual who always try his best to make people feel their opinion matters alot and they’re genuinely needed. He’s a wonderful teacher and a brilliant conversationist.

GYB is not only a good person but a perfect man for the job, a support for GYB is a support for the youths, freedom, justice, progress, competency, unity, development, and a support for better and greater Nigeria.

You may not need to ask any further questions about time in Nigeria because the time is Youth O’clock, join the moving train now.