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Tears in my eyes – By Haruspice

To the homie, we lost,
He serenades our heart with his songs,
Soothes us with his voice,
Inspires us with his lyrics
But fell tragically to the weaknesses of life.

Robert Kelly thought the Storm was Over
When he held body and soul,
As he Rides like a Jeep,
Every woman in his life,
Including girls.

He wished he Burn it up,
Until he was Trapped in the Closet,
And he now goes Down Low,
In the Fiesta of jail.

He believes he can fly,
Because he was the World Greatest,
Forgetting that When a Woman is Fed Up,
Is different from When She is in Love.

R.Kelly looks up to an Angel,
To Save Him,
As he Steps this time , not in the Name of Love,
But as he Bumps and Grinds to jail
In Slow Dance, because he is a Flirt.

Sadly losing