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At last, Edward Builds His Own House

Kogi’s deputy governor, chief Edward David Onoja will continue to be a reference of mystery, he does things from an unpredictable prism and swims with unusual tides. Even though a politician, he stands distinct from the traceable attributes of an average politician.

Recently, he called together friends, family, and associates to dedicate the house he built to the glory of God- this is coming after living ‘homeless’ since he assumed office.

As Chief of Staff and now Deputy Governor, stretching into seven years in counting, this man chose to build homes for people and not himself. Strange and unbelievable! But it is the reality here. Usually, when people enter into office, they first change their structural level by erecting state of the art edifice. But for this man, he was more motivated in building houses for widows and aged persons than have a mansion to himself. In Kabba, Chief Edward Onoja returned honour to a widow Mrs. Victoria Isreal Abayomi who has been hit by the misfortune of life by gifting her a befitting house after seeing her in squalor.

In consonance with his relentless path with the poor, the mystery man similarly built homes for widows in Okehi, Ofu, and Olamaboro. This is in addition to completing the Okpo mosque in Olamaboro and leading the completion of the Igala Unity House in Anyigba. In all, Chief Edward has built over 20 buildings for communities, prayer houses, and residences for clergies. We can’t also forget how he gave succour to an aged Pensioner in ODU-Dekina. This man has provided no less than 30 rural water schemes in various communities around Igala land, particularly Olamaboro LGA.

What manner of man would so indulge in making others happy at the detriment of himself? That man is Edward, the scion of Onoja of Emonyoku Ogugu – the clairvoyant man with a date with destiny. To him, public service is what it is “Public Service” not Personal Private Service hence his relentless venture to always bring respite to his people.

Speaking during one of the visitation sessions with Widows “Hannah’s Prayer group” from House of Grace -Odidoko Hilltop he says “I trust the scripture “whatever a man sows, so shall he shall reap” found express fulfillment in my life today. The God of the harvest has finally built me a place of abode in my country home, amongst my kindreds to God be all the glory from whom all blessings flow forever and ever.

So, it was virtually almost all notable political gladiators from all over Kogi State that stood in witness and testimony to the glory of God when Chief Edward Onoja unveiled the first house God helped him to build for the first time after seven years in office. The building which stands on a virgin land in Ogugu is hoped to open as a vista for new abodes for mostly the young persons of Ogugu. – a layout that will feature modern architecture and urban models. A replica of an improved GRA of old.

As usual, the unusual man has raised the bar of rural development and only time can define what the future holds for the mystery man.

One thing is certain, I am sure, Chief Onoja couldn’t have achieved this without the blessing, support, and guidance of his Siamese twin brother, Alhaji Yahaya Bello.

My name is Haruspice, I was a witness to the unveiling of the divine house of David.

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