June 21, 2024

By Nathaniel Okwoli

Over many years, I have sought to understand the key factors that make the ultra-wealthy extremely rich and how they continue to succeed in various fields. I have also been curious about what made them achieve the levels of success that they have found and the common denominators that exist between them. I observed many common factors among the crazy rich such as hard work, resilience, determination, access to opportunities and even luck at times, however, there’s a very important factor that they all share that is not so obvious to many people. This single factor, if you pay attention carefully can make all the difference for you and make you crazy rich too.

Think about a very wealthy person you know or have heard about. You will notice something all too common that kick-started them and set them on the pathway of success. Most times, you will find out that behind these people, is a wealthy family, financial support (loan or grant), rich friends, political influence, favourable policies, and other forms of privileges. There is usually something they could stand upon and build greatness.

This single factor propels them, creates an opportunity for growth and sets them apart. Without it, they might find it difficult to reach where they are in record time. You’ve seen it, even called it an unfair advantage, but it is a necessity for all. It is the advantage of LEVERAGE.

Every successful or rich person has a form of leverage to their advantage. Leverage is what sets you apart and gives you an ability to maximize and amplify opportunities. The rich guy may just happen to get an early start in life from their wealthy family, access to study abroad, a godfather that opens the door for them, a huge financial support to start a business, a circle of rich friends or any other form of privilege. They leverage these privileges to seize opportunities, get contracts, grow their businesses and make more money. For you to be crazy rich, you need to find your leverage too and use it to the fullest.

You may be wondering and asking yourself how you can create your leverage and maximize it for the greatest impact. You may not be from a wealthy home, have rich friends or have a lot of connections, however, many people like that have gone on to become crazy rich from the humblest of backgrounds you could ever imagine. Somehow along the road, they found the courage to ask themselves important questions, walk the work and position themselves for leverage. This key decision of not making excuses but looking for ways to create leverage for success can make a lot of difference for you too.

There are different categories of leverage and almost everyone has access to at least one that can make a remarkable change in their lives. With it, they can create more than everyone else on a per capita basis. Understanding these forms of leverage can set you on the path towards great riches. These four types of leverage below are a proven means to get you to the top of the game.

  • People: Businesses leverage people to help them do more with less. Think of employees and other forms of labour. They are necessary for the success of every business operation. Celebrities leverage their fans, politicians leverage structures (people), writers leverage an audience and family members leverage relationships.
    Whatever you are good at, there people and relationships you can leverage to help you get to the next step. You have to be strategic about building the right relationships and connections towards your goal of achieving greatness.
  • Capital: Money as capital is an important leverage for you to accumulate great wealth. With money, you can start a business, fund a political movement, invest in income yielding assets, and also invest in other forms of leverage like people, tools and digital technologies. You can get access to this form of leverage by exchanging time for money or using another form of leverage to get money. Capital can be very useful if deployed strategically to create a lot of value for you.
  • Tools: In the industrial age, tools such as machines helped people do more with less effort and input. A single tractor can cultivate and do what 100 people cannot do on a farm. Today, computers are important tools that make it easy to achieve scale in a very short time. Tools give us the ability to do more with very little effort. A man with a chainsaw can cut more trees than a man with an axe. Looking for the tools to reduce time, effort and maximize efficiency can help you achieve your goals faster.
  • Digital: The advancement in digital technologies has made it very easy to reach an endless number of people. A website can help you reach millions of customers, social media can help you build a huge following you can leverage politically and for business, a single digital book can reach millions of people all over the world. The song of a young Nigerian can be listened to by a former U.S president as was with Rema.
    The highest earners throughout history were the most leveraged people. The ultra-rich all over the world continue to leverage other people, tools, capital and digital media and products.

This understanding sets them apart and gives them an unfair advantage to get the very best out of life and make so much money.

You too can be crazy rich like Dangote if you put leverage to work. When you utilize one or a combination of leverages, you can achieve more with less and create the life you deserve for yourself.

If you would like to find out more about how to create the leverage you need to your advantage through specific knowledge, you can reach out to me. Email: nathaniel.okwoli@gmail.comWhatsApp: 08111279035

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