Home Politics “I will speak for you”, APC Okene-Ogori Magongo Reps candidate assures constituents

“I will speak for you”, APC Okene-Ogori Magongo Reps candidate assures constituents

The All Progressive Congress (APC), Okene-Ogori Magongo House of Representatives Candidate, Hon. Tijani Muhammed Ahmed (TAO), has assured his constituents of his readiness to provide purposeful leadership and operate as a “servant leader” by being answerable and accessible to the people of his constituency if elected.

Hon. Tijani, who gave this assurance in one of his consultation meetings held with some Okene-Ogori Magongo youth leaders in Lokoja. said “public office holders are like servants to the people and they must constantly be seen as acting as such.”

He said, He is not in the race just for the purpose of contesting but because he wants to have a better opportunity to impact on the lives of the people of Okene-Ogori Magongo Constituency. He is aware of the needs of the people and ready to speak for them in the national assembly if elected. adding that he possessed the needed qualities and will use his network to attract dividends of democracy to the people of Okene-Ogori Magongo constituency.

“All my life, I have always lived by the believe that nothing happens without the will of Almighty Allah. it is God that has taken me this far in life and I believe it is God that will continue to direct the affairs of every mankind. that same God will give me the opportunity to represent my people of Okene-Ogori Magongo constituency and provide for them quality representation.

“I am aware of the issues bedeviling my people and I am ready to speak and act on their behalf. I have the needed exposure, mental and intellectual capacity to address these burning issues”

“I want to be a source of inspiration for the people of Okene-Ogori Ogori Magongo Constituency, most especially the youths. support me and let’s make a difference, let’s prove to the world that the youths can do it better. my aspiration speaks hope the needs of my people and I will not disappoint them if elected”

“When you elect me as your Representative in the national assembly, you won’t struggle to see me. I will be accessible, answerable to you and above all speak for you” Hon.Tijani said.

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