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Justice Mejabi sworn in as substantive CJ of Kogi state

…gov. Bello urges CJ to deploy wealth of experience to ensure equal justice.

Kogi state governor, Yahaya Bello has sworn in Justice J.J Mejabi as the substantive Chief Judge of the state after his clearance and recommendation by the Nigeria Judicial Council (NJC) and confirmation by the Kogi state House of Assembly.

Governor Bello urged the Chief Judge to deploy his wealth of experience in ensuring equal justice for all citizens, such that is free from bias and subservient to the rule of law irrespective of who the litigant was or the vested interest are involved.

The Governor at the Friday event held in the glass House of the government House pointed out that Justice Mejabi is the 5th judicial head his administration will be working with hence he is a product of due process as he has also fulfilled every constitutional and statutory requirement for his emergence as the state’s CJ.

The governor noted that like all his predecessors, Justice Mejabi has the education, character and the experience expected of the occupants of the third highest seat of the state. He added “during his time as the Acting Chief Judge, Justice Mejabi displayed his wealth of experience in the office and did not give the state a cause to fear that he will be anything but erudite, principled and fair and we have no reason that he will change now”.

He alluded that Nigeria was currently at a cross road as citizens were preparing to elect a wide range of public officials including the President of the country stating that issues that are at stake were existential and passions were heightened. He also said that candidates and choices would differ and inevitably the Judiciary would be beaconed to act as the final arbiter in many contests.

The governor said “I expect that the Judiciary in our state alongside their colleagues in the country in leaving up to expectations”.

Gov. Bello urged jurists across the nation to imbibe the immortal four principles of scholar Socrates including hearing courteously, answer wisely, consider soberly and decide impartially believing that with these four pillars as the watchword of the new Chief Judge would achieve great results in his office.

He promised that as the executive arm, his government would continue to work in tandem and amity with the legislature and judiciary to keep delivering quality governance to the state and not relent in making governance work for our people till the very last seconds of his administration while he requested for continued support and prayers.

Governor Bello solicited the CJ’s right arm of fellowship as the head of Kogi state Judiciary and a fellow stakeholder in government of the state asserting that government could achieve more for the people in an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual understanding as against stiff competition and acrimony.

Earlier in his opening remark Attorney General of the state, Hon. Mohammed Sanni Ibrahim, SAN represented by the State’s Solicitor General, Hon. Habib Abdullahi commended the governor for creating a serene environment that has allowed the judiciary to perform its duties in a serene environment.

He also hailed the governor for his administration’s numerous successes in infrastructure, security and other areas of good governance which he mentioned attracted the commendation of President Muhammadu Buhari in a recent event in kano noting that the synergy between the arms of government in the state was beyond remarkable.

While giving his vote of thanks, Justice J.J mejabi noted that his mission as the Chief Judge of the state was to strengthen Judicial integrity, Zero tolerance for corruption, laziness and other vices, reward for hard work, incorporate ICT into judicial operations and practices amongst many other goals.

While thanking the governor for the privilege to serve as well the enabling environment his administration has created to enhance performance, he said while in acting capacity he has began implementation of certain action plans that would improve the service and ranking of the Kogi state judicial arm.

He assured that all that the state government has put across as responsibilities would be considered ardently with focus on ensuring that the good performance of the judicial arm would bring deserving accolades to the administration of Governor Bello.

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